Property Maintenance Planning (PMP)


Regional Housing Limited (RHL) offers a condition based Property Maintenance Planning (PMP) product which can assist Community Housing providers with their Asset Management and planning processes. This service includes onsite condition assessments by qualified staff using industry standard data systems and the provision of detailed maintenance reports for each site assessed.

These maintenance reports can be used to inform or support a number of processes including annual maintenance budgets, reporting, registrations and/or compliance, and scheduling of maintenance. RHL’s PMP product is an ideal solution for Community Housing Providers who may not have the time or resources to implement their own condition based maintenance planning and forecasting systems.

Onsite Condition Assessments

Our trained staff will perform condition assessments on your properties (houses, units and or entire sites) using an established assessment system with live data capture. This data is then analysed by industry standard software and formatted to produce detailed maintenance reports for each site.

Property Maintenance Reports

Our PMP product provides three detailed reports for each site assessed. These reports consider, and individually identify, units of accommodation, buildings, common areas, grounds and the components contained within each of these at each site.

CURRENT DEFECT REPORT – Lists all defects recorded during our onsite inspection including notes and recommended course of action.

12 MONTH MAINTENANCE PLAN – Details maintenance required within the next 12 months including cyclical maintenance and estimated costs.

10 YEAR MAINTENANCE FUND FORECAST – Outlines anticipated expenditure over the next 10 years based on assessed condition and expected life of components.

Property Standards

RHL’s onsite assessment process includes a brief survey which takes into account the assessed condition of the property and assists in determining whether or not the property meets the S4 Standard defined in the Queensland Government’s Maintenance Management Framework. This information is provided as a Property Standard Declaration for each site, or for individual units of accommodation where required.

Using RHL’s Asset Maintenance Reports

The diagram below illustrates how PMP reports provided by RHL might be used by your organisation to:

  • Inform various internal asset management and maintenance processes
  • Help meet external reporting or compliance requirements

The Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance Planning

RHL’s Property Maintenance Planning product uses detailed component condition data to inform the maintenance forecasting within our client reports. This approach provides a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • A more accurate and useful picture of property conditions within your portfolio.
  • Accurate and realistic maintenance forecasts with current conditions directly influencing replacement time frames and expected maintenance costs.
  • A better understanding of the likely short and long-term maintenance costs for planning and budgeting purposes.
  • Data which allows you to more easily assess properties against various standards.
  • Potential savings by way of proactive maintenance.
  • More informed strategic asset management decisions (e.g. acquisition and disposal).

More Information

For more information about this product including example PDF reports, the process involved, or indicative pricing please contact RHL’s Asset Team on 1300 642 123 or email the team directly at .