Apply for Community Housing

Under the one social housing system, there is a common application system for all forms of social housing, including public housing and community housing.

The first step in applying for community housing is to contact the Department of Housing and Public Works and complete an application. On completion and approval of this application you will be placed on the housing register. All RHL tenants come from this register. When RHL has a vacancy the Department provides us with applicants from the housing register who suit the particulars of our vacant properties.

For more information see  Applying for Housing Assistance

What is Community Housing?

Community housing is social housing delivered by registered providers, including local governments, churches and other community organisations. These providers deliver social housing assistance under a number of programs including:

  • Long term community housing and affordable housing
  • Transitional housing through the Community Rent Scheme, Community Managed Studio Units and Same House Different Landlord programs.

Some providers deliver assistance across all these programs while others provide specialised services (for example long term community housing for older people connected to an aged care facility).

The Department of Communities requires providers to meet certain standards in delivering housing assistance under the Housing Act 2003 and through funding agreements. Tenants of registered community housing providers can expect the same level of service from their provider as they would receive from the department in public housing.

For more information see the QLD Government web page: Types of Community Housing