Employment with RHL

Our Family Friendly Policy

At RHL we are committed to assisting employees with work and family balance. In order to achieve this, RHL has developed a policy to complement the existing legislative framework set down in the Fair Work Australia Act 2009.

This overarching policy highlights additional entitlement and flexible work arrangements to support employees to achieve a balance between work and family responsibilities.

RHL believes that the adoption of family friendly policies assists in the operation of the organisation. RHL recognises the needs of employees with family responsibilities, and supports staff in meeting these without conflict between their employment and their family responsibilities.

Personal Development and Study Leave

RHL recognises the value of personal development and encourages staff to engage in training and further education. If staff wish to undertake study which links to RHL’s priorities and the employee’s duties, staff can apply for study leave as well as financial assistance for training costs as RHL budgets for staff training.

Professional Supervision and Employee Support

Our staff have access to our Employee Support Program. This program provides a variety of services designed to actively promote employee well-being, personal and team development. The Employee Support Program will provide off-site, independent, confidential counselling for employees of RHL.

Salary Packaging

Due to our charity status we are able to offer eligible employee Salary Packaging. This allows staff to structure their salary in a tax effective way, potentially increasing your take home pay.