Community Managed Studio Units Program (CMSU)

This program funds not-for-profit community organisations to provide transitional and longer term housing assistance to eligible people who have been assessed by the department as very high or high needs applicants.

What types of properties are available?

The CMSU program includes:

  • self-contained studio units, which are generally small apartments with combined bedroom, living, dining and kitchen areas
  • studio units with some shared facilities (such as a shared kitchen, bathroom or laundry)
  • one-bedroom apartments, which are usually used as longer term housing for singles or couples.

Some properties may be furnished and have communal rumpus or entertainment areas and courtyards.

What services can you expect with CMSU?

CMSU offers transitional housing and longer term housing.

If you receive transitional housing, RHL will work with you to develop a tenancy plan to help you to gain the skills to manage a longer term tenancy. The tenancy plan is reviewed on a regular basis and will help you to identify a housing option appropriate to your needs and circumstances.

If you wish to stay in CMSU for the longer term, you need to discuss this with us.

To be considered for Community Managed Studio Units, it is important to select both ‘public housing’ and ‘community housing’ on your application form to maximise your chances of being housed.