Our Vision, Mission & Values


‘Every person has a home’

Our Mission

Regional Housing Limited develops, manages and facilitates housing and support for people in need with a range of communities and partners.

Our Values

These values guide the way we think and act:

Every person is unique and of equal value and has the right to be treated with understanding, dignity and respect.

Fairness & equity
Every person will have a fair share of opportunities and resources and be treated fairly and equitably, despite their age, sex, race, abilities, sexual orientation, and status or income level.

We take responsibility and are accountable for the actions and consequences of our organization for other people.

We recognise that when people have a sense of personal power, they are more motivated to act responsibly. Therefore we support every person’s right to information to enable participation in decisions that affect them and to have power in shaping their lives.

We strive for a level of excellence through continuous learning and improvement that helps elevate RHL to a leadership role in the community housing sector.

We continually search for creative models of housing management and innovative community development initiatives.

We regularly evaluate the quality of our services and build on past experience to find quality solutions to problems.